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GE and Inovar

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Dunker images technical, industrial and scientific subjects in an accessible and natural manner. He communicates complex situations and processes in a simple and organized way. Call upon decades of experience to exceed your client’s expectations.

These photos were taken at GE and Inovar facilities.




Macro, Technical, and Modern

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Dunker was hired by iFit, a local manufacturer of fitness products, to create stunning images of their new watches. Sharp, macro, technical and modern styling highlight the features of these beauties. Look to dunker for any imaging needs you have.

info side by side

feature highlights

app and watch

white and black watches

Drum Scanning!

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As an artist, Dunker accesses potentials of certain processes and methods in order to create a distinctive look.  This short film shows Dunkerengaged in the process of drum scanning.  Film, which Dunker processes in his darkroom, is mounted onto an acrylic drum and is installed into the scanner.  The drum spins and a digital file is created with photomultiplier tubes.  This creates a very detailed and rich image file with clean shadows and amazing tonal transitions.
This method is just one facet of the art making process utilized by Dunker, making his imaging solutions distinctive.